Saturday, December 25, 2010


this is my wonderful christmas crap...uhhhh...craft.  i will show you how to create your own.

to make this approximately 4.75" wreath you will need the following:

approximately 19 biodegradeable packing peanuts in a chunky "S" shape
human spit (this has not been tested using cat spit.)
1 kleenex-brand facial tissue measuring approximately 8" by 8.25", preferably clean

start with two biodegradeable packing peanuts.  lick one and promptly adhere it to another, as seen above.  the biodegradeable packing peanut will allow only one lick, so it had better be an accurate stick.  you can't go back.  lick and stick until all of the biodegradeable packing peanuts have been used.  adhere the beginning to the ending biodegradeable packing peanut to form somewhat of a circle.  once the wreath has dried, lick the front of the biodegradeable packing peanut wreath in the spot where the tissue will be placed and press tissue into that spot.  the tissue could be formed into any shape - mine is just an example.  use a length of white string or perle cotton as i have used in the example to make a hanger.  hang over a small nail, brad, tack or hook.

in the memorable and scratchy voice of santa as played by john belushi on saturday night live, i bid thee a

 HO! HO! HO!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

more bridge cards for mom...

katie and i made these cards.

the bottom right is upside down.

the bottom right is upside down, too.  gee whiz!  i guess this is what i get at this early morning hour.

sometimes plain is the only way to think (top right).

here is another bunch:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"thank you" card or hanger

this is a "thank you" card/hanging that i have submitted to moxie fab world challenge.  if you would like to take part, Upload your projects by midnight MDT on Monday, December 13.  this is the link: 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

ten tags


these are mine, and the last one is my favorite.


these are katie's, and the last one is my favorite.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

more cards for mom...

these look alot like spring...
i took out a bunch of su! stamp sets.  i wanted to use chalk.  here is what i came up with.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

book club invitations for my mom

every year i make invitations for my mother's book club.  and, every year i have to figure out another theme.

i happened to see the banned book list in the aarp monthly magazine.  i reworked it a little.  i folded it in half, stuck it into the folder, and it peeks out nicely.

this measures a-2 size.  the first picture shows the folder closed.

i put "reading list" on the file folder with the dymo label-maker.  i had to staple it because the sticky on the label wasn't doing it's job - probably really old. adds to the cruddy look of the folder. 

on the front is a blue post-it note that i cut down to fit the stamp, and the stamp is from stampin' up!    i don't know the manufacturer of the other two: "rush" and "first class". 

on the inside, i made a "memo", which is the actual invitation.  the stamp on the left side is another one from stampin' up! 

i used one of those fasteners (the kind used for doctors' or lawyers' notes).  who knows where i picked those up...a thrift store probably.  glad to use them here. 

i sign my cards, so what better than to use a self-stamping "rush" stamp for the back.  i added 10/10 for october, 2010. 

"books give you wings" is stamped on the front of the envelope, and "to be read between the lines" is stamped on the back.  (i don't remember the maker of these stamps.)  

now, i have to make a book for my mom to give in the book exchange.  maybe i will follow the same theme...or not.  last year's is around here somewhere: "not the beginning...and never the end".  you can see it here.

[cool... i learned how to link!]

Monday, October 4, 2010

notes on my mental state:

bipolar sucks; depression sucks more.

cards for mom...

happy birthday, mom!!!!  oops!  scratch that...

happy birthday, sister crystal!

when we went to columbus in august, friend joyce, who has a big shot and nestabilities, helped me to make these scalloped circles.  i thought they turned out quite nicely.  joyce had better watch out...i just might send her some paper!

i sent the card on the left to my mom for her birthday.  my favorite is this blue one with the glittery gold thread and the dragonfly brad.

although the bottom two are a little plain, i thought they looked sweet with the purple bows.

i like to stamp over printed paper.  it is unexpected! 
i will have to do more of this.

i give up! i have messed with this for about 2 hours, and i still can't get it to look the way i want it to. the top two pictures should align at the top. that's what the "preview" screen shows. this screen is new and is a wysiwyg. ha!

lung transplant anniversary card for friend, sue


our friend sue celebrated her lung transplant anniversary.  yee haw, sue!  we had lung-shaped cake, chicken livers and gizzards (the closest peggy could get to lungs!) and other kinds of snacks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the "-z" ending, and yard sale fuss...

when new products come out, they seem to push out some of the old ones. for example, "fibers" were THE embellishment for cards. it has been replaced with rhinestone swirls and paper flowers. that's about the same time the "-s" turned into a "-z".

my fibers were not the ordinary, run-of-the-mill yarn-age. it was DIFFERENT... sparkly, soft, furry, unique, multi-stranded, etc. the closest i got to ordinary was "eyelash".

so, what to do with the "fiberz"... i suppose i can knit with them. after all, that is why they were invented, i guess. i would have to take up a new hobby, and i don't wanna. maybe i could just use them for what i had intended... to use on cards. i have to spin it in a new way, and i don't think my brain is up for that just yet. ideas: some people crochet flowers, use the wider stuff in place of ribbon...


we are cleaning and clearing out! we had a flop of a yard sale yesterday. the threat of rain kept away our shoppers, i hope. also, we neglected to get the signs out earlier in the week. we weren't really into the sale itself. i was really into cleaning the house and ridding it of excess. i did fine with the set-up, but when it came to the sale...

the reason for the clean-out? we are having family and friends over for girlfriend-katie's graduation. yes... there will be a doctor (Ph.D) in the house!

katie and i are taking a few days to recover. our bodies are achy and bruised. then, back at it again. of course, the two rooms i left for last are not the ones that i like to clean. i should have done them first, but i know that there wasn't much to get rid of. the studio... stuff needs to be put away...getting rid of anything in there? forget it! and the combination computer, acquarium and studio spill-over... nothing much to get rid of there, but there is lots to clean up after listing on ebay for about a month. most of that went out to the yard sale.

well... it's off to a third round of contemplating my navel...

Monday, March 29, 2010

another worthy blog

"frost it pink": this is another website that i will be following. not only do they have neat ideas and goodies, melissa phillips is there, too. i love her work, so anything she does, i want to see! so, check it out!

here's another: i was drawn to it for the blogs on the side bar.

i wish everyone had an option to follow by email. this is the only way for me. if it's in my face, i read it; if it isn't, chances are i won't go to my blog list, feeds, etc. i guess i had better add a way for folks to follow by email, huh? on my list of dumb-junk-i-gotta-do.... looks like a nice place to play...many different categories

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cards - favorites

this is the first time that i embossed an image over patterned card stock. i like the effect, and i will definately make more. the cards need so little extra embellishment. i like keeping it simple.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

cards for my mom: january

i have been busy doing other things, so here are cards from way back in january. i made them for my mom, and i haven't sent them yet.

the paper is cosmo cricket and stampin' up! the stamps are mostly from stampin' up!

Friday, February 26, 2010


oooo...look what i did...added numbers to the top of my piece. my project has moved forward ... slightly. tomorrow, i am off to michael's for a clock hand or two. i also have a working title which i will reveal when this is complete. see this previous entry:

[how DO people embed a reference? something to put on my dumb-junk-i-gotta-do list.]

i won!

a free book from craftside: they introduce books (from, provide a review and rate different craft products. now, i don't want you to go and sign up for their updates...that would mean that there is more competition for the freebies {wink}. it's a wonderful, entertaining and informative site.

i won this book some time ago from the folks at craftside and forgot to brag about it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

happy spring???

katie found these growing out in the front yard a few days ago. how cruel mother nature is ... today, it was spitting snow. ok ... i will take what i can get ...

Friday, February 19, 2010

update has been a month...

i am a little further along.... see the 1/20/10 post:

the picture on the left shows the elements i have collected up to this point. (i will still use the angel. it briefly hid itself on my table, but is home again with the rest.) since last time, i added the word "H O M E" using scrabble letters and attached them with self-made links of heavy copper wire, because this is what i had. next time i am at the home improvement store, i must get a lmedium guage. the tag is a piece of copper stamping that i purchased somewhere along the way. i cut out the heading from my old postal laws book and positioned it inside this tag and filled the recess with dimensional magic. this tag and the pocket watch dial are not yet adhered. i have a large watch hand coming, and i will try that out on top of the dial. perhaps that is the final element. so until next time, i will be thinking about this some more.