Sunday, July 10, 2011

we are planning to move somewhere...

so we are packing...

we don't know where we are going, but we know we are going.

my partner, katie, has been teaching at brunswick community college in supply, nc.  she is fairly certain that she can return for the fall semester.  she taught there spring semester and was off for the summer.  while she was teaching, she was renting a room from some folks, and she doesn't want to do that again.  she would rather we all be together...her, me, all of the cats and our stuffs. 

on the other hand, she has sent out about 50 applications to other colleges and universities.  she has had a few interviews, but no offers.  there are a few more left to respond.  she will continue to apply and hope for the best.  if no offer is forth-coming, we will go to brunswick where katie can continue to teach and gain experience.

no matter what, we will be moving.  katie may need to spend some time with her "foster family" again until we can find a suitable living arrangement.  we will find a place as soon as possible and go...where ever.