Sunday, April 28, 2013

baby update

baby boy is bigger than "usual" at 2.5 pounds.  this is about 1 pound larger than "normal".  he is in the 89th percentile.  during the 3-d ultrasound, baby boy moved around quite a bit and even put his hands and legs in front of his face.  mom thinks this baby is just going to be bigger than all of her others.

i told my daughter that her great great grandma on her dad's side of the family gave birth to very big babies, like in the teens...maybe something like 14 or 15 pounds!  that's alot of baby!

my daughter says that she will buy only one package of number 1 diapers, and she will bring a couple of differently-sized outfits for the ride home.

mom developed pregnancy induced asthma, which i had never heard of.  besides that, mom and baby are doing well, and the due date remains at july 31st.