Thursday, October 14, 2010

more cards for mom...

these look alot like spring...
i took out a bunch of su! stamp sets.  i wanted to use chalk.  here is what i came up with.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

book club invitations for my mom

every year i make invitations for my mother's book club.  and, every year i have to figure out another theme.

i happened to see the banned book list in the aarp monthly magazine.  i reworked it a little.  i folded it in half, stuck it into the folder, and it peeks out nicely.

this measures a-2 size.  the first picture shows the folder closed.

i put "reading list" on the file folder with the dymo label-maker.  i had to staple it because the sticky on the label wasn't doing it's job - probably really old. adds to the cruddy look of the folder. 

on the front is a blue post-it note that i cut down to fit the stamp, and the stamp is from stampin' up!    i don't know the manufacturer of the other two: "rush" and "first class". 

on the inside, i made a "memo", which is the actual invitation.  the stamp on the left side is another one from stampin' up! 

i used one of those fasteners (the kind used for doctors' or lawyers' notes).  who knows where i picked those up...a thrift store probably.  glad to use them here. 

i sign my cards, so what better than to use a self-stamping "rush" stamp for the back.  i added 10/10 for october, 2010. 

"books give you wings" is stamped on the front of the envelope, and "to be read between the lines" is stamped on the back.  (i don't remember the maker of these stamps.)  

now, i have to make a book for my mom to give in the book exchange.  maybe i will follow the same theme...or not.  last year's is around here somewhere: "not the beginning...and never the end".  you can see it here.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

notes on my mental state:

bipolar sucks; depression sucks more.

cards for mom...

happy birthday, mom!!!!  oops!  scratch that...

happy birthday, sister crystal!

when we went to columbus in august, friend joyce, who has a big shot and nestabilities, helped me to make these scalloped circles.  i thought they turned out quite nicely.  joyce had better watch out...i just might send her some paper!

i sent the card on the left to my mom for her birthday.  my favorite is this blue one with the glittery gold thread and the dragonfly brad.

although the bottom two are a little plain, i thought they looked sweet with the purple bows.

i like to stamp over printed paper.  it is unexpected! 
i will have to do more of this.

i give up! i have messed with this for about 2 hours, and i still can't get it to look the way i want it to. the top two pictures should align at the top. that's what the "preview" screen shows. this screen is new and is a wysiwyg. ha!

lung transplant anniversary card for friend, sue


our friend sue celebrated her lung transplant anniversary.  yee haw, sue!  we had lung-shaped cake, chicken livers and gizzards (the closest peggy could get to lungs!) and other kinds of snacks.