Friday, February 19, 2010

update has been a month...

i am a little further along.... see the 1/20/10 post:

the picture on the left shows the elements i have collected up to this point. (i will still use the angel. it briefly hid itself on my table, but is home again with the rest.) since last time, i added the word "H O M E" using scrabble letters and attached them with self-made links of heavy copper wire, because this is what i had. next time i am at the home improvement store, i must get a lmedium guage. the tag is a piece of copper stamping that i purchased somewhere along the way. i cut out the heading from my old postal laws book and positioned it inside this tag and filled the recess with dimensional magic. this tag and the pocket watch dial are not yet adhered. i have a large watch hand coming, and i will try that out on top of the dial. perhaps that is the final element. so until next time, i will be thinking about this some more.

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