Saturday, December 25, 2010


this is my wonderful christmas crap...uhhhh...craft.  i will show you how to create your own.

to make this approximately 4.75" wreath you will need the following:

approximately 19 biodegradeable packing peanuts in a chunky "S" shape
human spit (this has not been tested using cat spit.)
1 kleenex-brand facial tissue measuring approximately 8" by 8.25", preferably clean

start with two biodegradeable packing peanuts.  lick one and promptly adhere it to another, as seen above.  the biodegradeable packing peanut will allow only one lick, so it had better be an accurate stick.  you can't go back.  lick and stick until all of the biodegradeable packing peanuts have been used.  adhere the beginning to the ending biodegradeable packing peanut to form somewhat of a circle.  once the wreath has dried, lick the front of the biodegradeable packing peanut wreath in the spot where the tissue will be placed and press tissue into that spot.  the tissue could be formed into any shape - mine is just an example.  use a length of white string or perle cotton as i have used in the example to make a hanger.  hang over a small nail, brad, tack or hook.

in the memorable and scratchy voice of santa as played by john belushi on saturday night live, i bid thee a

 HO! HO! HO!

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Juliet A said...

LOL! This looks like something we would make at our house.