Thursday, January 27, 2011

moxie fab world challenge

 this is the card i made for the next in a series of challenges.  this is a monochromatic pink project.  i loved putting the little posie together.  of course it is too fat to stick in an envelope!  but, it is a card none-the-less.  (for this purpose, please disregard the blue print on the inside of the card.)

join in on the fun.  see the previous post for details.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

moxie fab world challenge

i am really behind as far as this chain of challenges goes.  there are 6.  this is the first.  they are all due by 1/31/11.  i don't think i will get them all done, but i need the practice.  this idea came to me quickly, so i went with it. 

anyone can join in the fun.  just visit moxie fab world.  for this one, go here:  for the other, look on the right side bar, and click on the color combination to go to that post for directions and some samples.
 these are pretty self-explanatory...the top left is the front of the card.  i added a band, because it wouldn't shut all of the way.  next to it is the full inside.  on the right side are some pockets, and the next picture shows what the inserts say.  when the inserts are out, the next card shows the happy birthday.  finally, this is a full view of the front and back without the band.

i used su! blue bayou (it looks more dull and gray here, even though i had roughed it up to show it is worn) and su! dsp's parisian breeze and paper notebook.  among others, i used su! office accoutrements stamp set.  for inks, i used su! blue bayou and vivid taupe.  how do you like that round coffee stain on the front???!!!   these colors are as similar as i could get to the required colors of that day.  alas, they will just have to be close and not right-on.

so, hopfully, i will be able to go on to the next day's challenge, and the idea will come just as easy as this one.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

these cards go to my mom, as usual, although we do keep a few for our own purposes.  here, i used stampin' up! elements.  i stamped the fern and the flowers with a clear watermark ink.  then, i poured on the clear embossing powder.  after that cooled, i got out the twinkling h2o's and went to town with them.  mostly, i used two tones to achieve a marbled effect.  h2o's are watercolors, and like watercolors, it is sometimes necessary to let one layer dry before adding another.  this is something i need to practice with - not only the technique, but the waiting.  i cut the elements down to the embossed lines and adhered to the card front.  some of the flowers are popped up once and some double to give different levels to the look.  i particularly like the pink flowers and the ferns from the others.  next time...

i know, joyce...time to clean the scanner bed...

sharing my mail...the good stuffs

look at this bunch of goodies i got from the paper flea market ( this past friday.  this store has plenty of one-of-a-kind items for art or whatever.  check it out.

from the left, there are about 10 books of instructions for adding machines.  in the middle, there are sheets of paper for bridge card games, a dime-saver book, a keyboard paper for a typewriter and an a & p sewing needle pack.  on the right top are two sheets of trading stamps.  below that is about 30 library catalogue cards, key punch cards and a bit of a dress pattern instructions that was used to wrap the library catalogue cards.  it was tied in a bow.  everything is in great shape.  i got all of this for less than $20.00 including shipping.  this was such a fun bunch of stuff that i just had to document the event!  think of the library cards and the invitations i make for my mom's book club.  every year, i need a new idea, and these will certainly come in handy.  (see

i might as well tell you what else is in the picture.  it's my studio.  on the left is double metal file box for 3" x 5" cards, and next to that in another double file box for half-sheet card stock.  i got these at the thrift store ages ago.  the stuff on top of the small one is part of my collection of vintage and antique sewing notions, and behind that is a huge box full of paper scraps.  i have to make some decisions about that.  maybe i will force myself to do some thing with it when i don't have any ideas going through my head. 

on the right-hand side is my industrial shelf unit that is 8' tall by 4' wide by 1' deep.  i have three, and i have never regreted grabbing those at a thrift store.  what you see there are jars and jars full of fun supplies for use in my art - wood, plastic, glass, metal and more.  the second shelf down in the foreground is more vintage and antique sewing notions.  i have no idea what is in that vintage canister right off hand.  maybe i will take photos of my whole space when i get it clean and add more artbin cubes with drawers.  more and different useful storage.  i am not holding my breath, but it does sound fun to share my space with whomever wants to see it.  i love seeing other people's spaces...not the kind with matching everything and everything put away, but a wonderful conglomeration of storage solutions.  my favorite magazine right now if "how women create" by stampington(?).  lovely publication...and expensive.  i know that the storage cubes and bins will be effective, but by no means it is the kind of storage i really want.  the house is just too small to spread out, so stacking with these is the only way to go for now.  when we get a bigger place, the cubes will probably be delegated to the sewing and fabric space.  who knows what will happen.  we have so much stuff.  my partner, katie, and i enjoy some of the same things, but then we have our separate interests.  so much stuffs!

sharing my mail...the good stuffs

how cool is this???  this little darling measures about 3" x 1 3/8".  all of them are alike except for the numbers, of course.  there is a perforation in the middle between the stub and the comsumer's receipt.  i think there must be as least 50 pieces.  i have two others that i received from an earlier date.  they came from someone in a yahoo group to which i belong called "snagging stampers".  this group passes scrapbooking, stamping, etc. supplies between each other using a point system.  if this sounds interesting, search for it or contact me in the comments, which are moderated.  anyway, wouldn't some of these look natty as a skirt for an art doll?  but really, the possibilities are unlimited with this little gem.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

discovering new blogs

gray: the new black?

i made this for the moxie fab challenge here:  Upload your projects by midnight MDT on Monday, January 24.

in order: front, inside, inside with "rainbow" contents spilling out.

partridge and pear tree tags

these are some tags that katie and i made.