Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it isn't like i'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs...

UPDATE: still sitting there looking up at me: sunday, 2/14/10. i have to admit that i have been busy with other things, and i have run into this project a few times. i am still drawing a blank. after i get the studio cleaned and workable, i will pull this out again and make it sit with me until one of us decides what to do with it.

i have been thinking about and working on this project for about a week. some things come easy to me, like making cards for my mom; others become painfully difficult. i am a little envious of those who can visualize a finished piece by knowing what they want and where to find it. i can find stuffs, but i can't put it together in my mind. i feel inadequate. this happens alot, and it is irritating. i know i can't push the creative process.

the first element i made was the center "card". it was easy to decide on the papers to use for the top and the bottom layer. it was a little difficult to make that bow, but deciding on the ribbon was easy. using this machine stitch was a good choice, along with the thread color. then what??!!!

the card has been sitting here for 5 days.

four days ago, i cut out the backing form from heavy chipboard. i didn't want it to be square or rectangular this time. later the same day, i adhered the light turquoise and red paper to one side. it sat for a day.

the next day, i decided to put some kind of book page on the other side. so, i brought out my trusty, ancient postal worker's manual and found a page that i liked, and i adhered that.

two days ago, i found the angel form, painted it gold and toned it down with a wash. it sat for a day.

this afternoon, i pulled out a pocket watch dial and sat it on the layers.

the four pieces are just sitting there. i don't know where this piece is going, so i can't adhere anything permanently. so, it is just sitting there staring up at me. i can't figure out where this is going, so maybe i need to put it aside for now and make cards for my mom - mindless, quick, sense of accomplishment....

while this thing is sitting here, take a look at the two most recent pieces below (january 9th). they took the same journey as this one, so maybe it will be ok.

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