Sunday, January 24, 2010

challenge: posh designs and gingersnap

this has been "our" theme song for a long time. i found the image of the sheet music on the web somewhere. i added a bow tie and a garter .... romance....

also submitted to gingersnap: ends 2/28 the theme is "romance".

Friday, January 22, 2010

be my valentine?

i jumped on the bandwagon and decided to try a valentine. the biggest problem was that the paper wasn't as heavy as i would have liked and needed for all the manipulation i did. the sentiment is a little crooked, but maybe no one will notice. i think i will try this again when i can figure out how to make this particular paper heavier. this is the paper i want to use. i will figure it out....

i entered this in the caardvark's "red heart challenge": there are plenty of wonderful samples made by the design team.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it isn't like i'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs...

UPDATE: still sitting there looking up at me: sunday, 2/14/10. i have to admit that i have been busy with other things, and i have run into this project a few times. i am still drawing a blank. after i get the studio cleaned and workable, i will pull this out again and make it sit with me until one of us decides what to do with it.

i have been thinking about and working on this project for about a week. some things come easy to me, like making cards for my mom; others become painfully difficult. i am a little envious of those who can visualize a finished piece by knowing what they want and where to find it. i can find stuffs, but i can't put it together in my mind. i feel inadequate. this happens alot, and it is irritating. i know i can't push the creative process.

the first element i made was the center "card". it was easy to decide on the papers to use for the top and the bottom layer. it was a little difficult to make that bow, but deciding on the ribbon was easy. using this machine stitch was a good choice, along with the thread color. then what??!!!

the card has been sitting here for 5 days.

four days ago, i cut out the backing form from heavy chipboard. i didn't want it to be square or rectangular this time. later the same day, i adhered the light turquoise and red paper to one side. it sat for a day.

the next day, i decided to put some kind of book page on the other side. so, i brought out my trusty, ancient postal worker's manual and found a page that i liked, and i adhered that.

two days ago, i found the angel form, painted it gold and toned it down with a wash. it sat for a day.

this afternoon, i pulled out a pocket watch dial and sat it on the layers.

the four pieces are just sitting there. i don't know where this piece is going, so i can't adhere anything permanently. so, it is just sitting there staring up at me. i can't figure out where this is going, so maybe i need to put it aside for now and make cards for my mom - mindless, quick, sense of accomplishment....

while this thing is sitting here, take a look at the two most recent pieces below (january 9th). they took the same journey as this one, so maybe it will be ok.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

blog candy...i won!

a big thank you to su! demonstrator rachel brumley! i won a su! gift certificate valued at $25! it took me a little while to choose, and here is what showed up at my door. ( )

the first picture is of the box..."tea party" dsp, a package of real red cardstock and 3 markers in the colors that i use most when making stampin' cards - so saffron, almost amethyst and certainly celery.
the picture on the right is a photo of the packing paper. it starts at one doorway and through the room. the other picture is the rest of the paper going through the second doorway and way across the living room. i think su! should get appropriately-sized boxes, but i would never have had the opportunity to see this:

spot's kittie nest.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

off in a new direction...

i finally figured out that our camera has a "macro" setting which allows me to focus in on specific elements. i always wondered how people did that! did i read the directions that came with the camera? nooooooo.... i'm good now...

onto the project...for some time, i have admired the creativity of melissa phillips (of LilyBean's Paperie: she has inspired me to experiment, so i have! this has been such a fun project that i decided to make a second. i can see making more, and the ideas are flowing. this project is pretty self-explanatory.

about the flowers: red and green tissue paper and "dimensional magic". sticky fingers!