Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heap of Change Challenge: Part 4 - Going it Alone

The Heap of Change Challenge has ended, but I wasn't finished.  I won't be for some time, so I am continuing to work slowly and steadily around the room.

This time, we took an evening to make Valentine cards to support Mary Engelbreit, who will be sending the cards she receives to children at her local hospital.  I forget how it got started, but Mary was inundated with loads of Valentines from around the world.  Ours were mailed out yesterday, and hopefully they will reach her in time.

Back to the challenge:

This is where I ended last time.  Say hi to Tulip who was in from the cold.

This is what remains after I removed all of the things I no longer want.

These are the two piles of things that I removed from this area, and they are leaving the house.

To date, except for the white heater, all of this is leaving the house.  There are hundreds of dollars in new, slightly used and vintage supplies here, as well as some completed projects.  This pile has been moved to in front of the shelves I have cleaned out.  As I go through the rest of the room, everything that is leaving the house will go into this pile.  In the meantime, I may prepare some of this for online selling, either through eBay, Craigslist or a few Facebook groups I have joined.

I'll keep plugging away.