Thursday, January 22, 2009


generosity is giving and expecting nothing in return. gratitude is thanking - no matter what, no matter who. both. tomorrow, do it again. repeat.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

i wonder....

who is footing the bill for the inauguration?? and, how much does it cost to put on the big party for the elite*?

on another note...i really hate it when hollywood and others have awards ceremonies broadcast for the world to see. tooting the the elite* for the elite*.

*elite is my working definition of the already-rich who have been recognized for their accomplishments.

if that money could be used to elevate the needy instead of the status of a few individuals, that money could be put toward good use by going to charities or the national debt (depending on your idea of "good use"). charities: the red cross is in the red, the shelves at the food bank are bare, etc.

now, don't get me started on the "bail-outs" where good money is shoved after bad. the intention of the bail-out was to keep the elite* companies from sinking in a negative economy and avoiding bankruptcy. now, the money has been misused, because there were no stipulations in place. WHAT??? they didn't see it coming??? how did those elite* companies get there in the first place? misuse of FUNDS, perhaps????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"La Regina di Cuori" ("The Queen of Hearts")

this atc was done before the ones below. it is for a WTA x 2 (winner takes all x 2 winners) in the atc_world yahoo group. the request from one of the winners was "hearts", i think. i am very pleased with this one, and i plan to make more. this is what i came up with:

"Mona Mia"

before adding the elements to the lower right, i thought that the card was finished and still do. i added the elements to conform to spoken "rules": 1 image, 1 embellishment and one something else. i felt that the atc was finished with the image of mona and the embossed gold filigree. i think i pushed too hard. the one embellishment on the right one detracts from the image because it is too bright; the embellishment on the left one is more subtle but very circular and could have been torned in order to incorporate it less intrusively.

i like this one better than the ones above, so i made four similar ones - 1 to keep, and 3 to trade. i love the way the filigree caresses her face, and the heart is subtle so as not to draw the eye too much away from mona's face.
i had been working on these cards for far too long trying to figure out what last little element i could add to make it more "complete". i finally made a decision and just did SOMETHING to complete the project.
on another note, i was too concerned with how someone else might view this card. would i want something so plain and simple as just an image and the filigree? i believe that it was finished at that point.

it is very early in the morning. i am tired. i am rambling.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

more "kitten showers"

katie made more atc's: "kitten showers". this was a big hit with the folks in the snagging stampers yahoo group:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"kitten showers"

in a yahoo group i belong to, snaggingstampers, we trade art supplies. currently, we are having a new year game. for 12 days, for the 12 months of the year, there is a theme and a sponsor. for every person listing items for that month/theme, his/her name is put into a hat for a random drawing and will receive a small gift from the sponsor. these games are fun and just what we need to kick-start the activity again. anyway...the reason that i am explaining this is that one of the sponsors for april posted this:

theme for the day: anything Easter related: eggs, bunnies, candy, Christian, baskets, dressing up, Kitten Showers

kitten showers? huh?! i thought that she made a mistake and meant to write something else. thinking it was a mistake, i took it literally. with me egging her on, my girlfriend, katie, was inspired to make these atc's. take a bow, katie!

by the way, what the sponsor listed is exactly what she meant - a twist on "april showers". i was way off.... i don't know what the sponsor had in mind by posting this, but we ran with it! thank you karen!

notice the single girlfriend, "the fish girl". see her blog - there is a link on the left.