Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Mona Mia"

before adding the elements to the lower right, i thought that the card was finished and still do. i added the elements to conform to spoken "rules": 1 image, 1 embellishment and one something else. i felt that the atc was finished with the image of mona and the embossed gold filigree. i think i pushed too hard. the one embellishment on the right one detracts from the image because it is too bright; the embellishment on the left one is more subtle but very circular and could have been torned in order to incorporate it less intrusively.

i like this one better than the ones above, so i made four similar ones - 1 to keep, and 3 to trade. i love the way the filigree caresses her face, and the heart is subtle so as not to draw the eye too much away from mona's face.
i had been working on these cards for far too long trying to figure out what last little element i could add to make it more "complete". i finally made a decision and just did SOMETHING to complete the project.
on another note, i was too concerned with how someone else might view this card. would i want something so plain and simple as just an image and the filigree? i believe that it was finished at that point.

it is very early in the morning. i am tired. i am rambling.

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