Saturday, January 17, 2009

i wonder....

who is footing the bill for the inauguration?? and, how much does it cost to put on the big party for the elite*?

on another note...i really hate it when hollywood and others have awards ceremonies broadcast for the world to see. tooting the the elite* for the elite*.

*elite is my working definition of the already-rich who have been recognized for their accomplishments.

if that money could be used to elevate the needy instead of the status of a few individuals, that money could be put toward good use by going to charities or the national debt (depending on your idea of "good use"). charities: the red cross is in the red, the shelves at the food bank are bare, etc.

now, don't get me started on the "bail-outs" where good money is shoved after bad. the intention of the bail-out was to keep the elite* companies from sinking in a negative economy and avoiding bankruptcy. now, the money has been misused, because there were no stipulations in place. WHAT??? they didn't see it coming??? how did those elite* companies get there in the first place? misuse of FUNDS, perhaps????

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StamperJoyce said...

I SO agree!! Once again, you've hit the nail on the head!