Thursday, January 1, 2009

"kitten showers"

in a yahoo group i belong to, snaggingstampers, we trade art supplies. currently, we are having a new year game. for 12 days, for the 12 months of the year, there is a theme and a sponsor. for every person listing items for that month/theme, his/her name is put into a hat for a random drawing and will receive a small gift from the sponsor. these games are fun and just what we need to kick-start the activity again. anyway...the reason that i am explaining this is that one of the sponsors for april posted this:

theme for the day: anything Easter related: eggs, bunnies, candy, Christian, baskets, dressing up, Kitten Showers

kitten showers? huh?! i thought that she made a mistake and meant to write something else. thinking it was a mistake, i took it literally. with me egging her on, my girlfriend, katie, was inspired to make these atc's. take a bow, katie!

by the way, what the sponsor listed is exactly what she meant - a twist on "april showers". i was way off.... i don't know what the sponsor had in mind by posting this, but we ran with it! thank you karen!

notice the single girlfriend, "the fish girl". see her blog - there is a link on the left.

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StamperJoyce said...

These are fun! The fish is a nice touch, too.

Chrissy says hi!