Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heap of Change Challenge: Part 6

I stalled a little, but I have been working on the next space in the studio.

While living in Columbus, OH many years ago, we purchased 3 of these gray shelving units from a neighborhood thrift store.  They are industrial strength  The shelves are sturdy and adjustable.

This is the first one and this is how it looked before I continued on my Heap of Change challenge:

The stuff was basically where it belonged, so all I needed to do was remove what we didn't want or no longer needed.  We also dusted, rearranged and sorted buttons.

And, here are the after photos:

This is the view of all of the shelves except for the top one.  The upper shelves hold collage materials, for the most part.  I like using glass bottles and jars in various sizes to store these items.  Just below the middle are Stampin' Up stamp sets and punches.  Below those are two shelves of buttons in glass containers, and the bottom shelf holds tins with sewing notions in them. 

This is a closer view of the completed top:

and the bottom:

Notice that there is 1/3 of a shelf empty! And, everything is a little looser.

This is what is going away from only this one shelving unit.  These boxes aren't full, but they are started!

Look!  This sweater box is full of Stampin' Up stamp sets...and it's leaving the house!

Next to this shelving unit is another.  It is crammed full of collage supplies, bead and jewelry-making materials, brads and eyelets, dominoes of many sizes and small tins for altering.

As I have moved along, there is always something to be put away in another area.  I have been squooshing things ahead of me.  There will be a time when I have to deal with those heaps.  This is what it looks like:

(This gray shelving unit that you can see on the right in this photo is the third, and final, one.   It holds clear shoe and sweater boxes of rubber stamps and rubber stamping supplies.)

Along the left-hand side of this photo is the area where I keep my paper.  This is where I started!  I still need to put some paper away, but after that, I will be done!  I have a ways to go, but I can see it.  It's right there!

Coming up are areas where the decisions about what leaves the house will get more and more difficult.  I'm a little nervous about it, but I try not to think too far ahead.

Well, that's where I am, and I've shown you a little about what lies ahead.  Overall, I feel good about my progress and the decisions I've made.  I have a great sense of accomplishment, and I am trying to figure out when the yard sale can take place.

I AM thinking too far ahead, but I have to figure out the logistics of having a yard sale, like how NOT to annoy the neighbors, how to control the traffic pattern, where the buyers can park, etc..  We live in a tiny community of 4 houses, down a rural dead-end lane off of an access road, for lack of a better name for it.  It will be difficult for buyers to turn their vehicles around in order to get out.  It just won't be easy, so I have to work on these details until I find a solution.

Now, back to clearing out...


Katie Kleber said...

YAY! It is looking so much better than the pictures indicate, I swear! I love being involved in this process and seeing the changes as we go. Thank you for documenting these bits!

rush said...

Couldn't do it without you!

Donna Wilkes said...

Great progress on the organization. I wish I could be so decisive about cutting the clutter.

Petticoat Junktion said...

Now I know you can really relate to my workshop and organization problems!

Diana Petrillo said...

I'm so impressed, Fonda! Unfortunately for me, your before photos reflect far more organization than I currently have in my workroom, LOL. I work at things little by little, but not really fast enough to keep up with things. Sigh. You've given me some inspiration, though, especially in describing how good it makes you feel :) Great job!