Friday, January 30, 2015

Heap of Change Challenge: Part 3

This is week 3, the final week, of the Heap of Change Challenge.  A big hearty thank you goes out to Donna of Funky Junk Interiors!

This week, I completed three different areas.

The east wall is done.  Those boxes on the floor are filled with jewelry and jewelry bits.  I have to go through these yet, but they are contained.  I will come back to those later, sort them and get them ready for sale.  The magazines in the crate are the ones I decided to keep. The books on the top shelf of the bookcase and the books for altering on the bottom are organized and staying.  I ran into a couple of silverfish on this shelf...yuck!

Directly across from this wall is the cabinet.

The top of the cabinet is organized.  Starting from the back, there are envelopes, then two drawers with my artwork that will be displayed, and finally, a box of completed cards.

This is the back side of the cabinet.  On the top of the shelf are basically 8 1/2 x 11 card-making papers.  In a former life, the blue thing was a rounded shelf.  It is great for storing my paper.  Beyond that are magazine holders which are also great for storing paper.  The plastic sweater box on top is for scraps.  Below this is my storage for 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, word stamps, ATC supplies and paper punches.

This was where I got side-tracked.

I was sitting there putting some scrapbook paper away, and I got the creative itch.  For over a year, I have not felt like making anything.  I big room filled with all of the delights one could use for whatever creative desires arise.  There are so many different kinds of supplies in this room, but I no longer got excited about making things.  A couple of months ago, I forced myself to make a few cards out of necessity.  No store-bought cards for us!  But, that was it.

Until a few days ago.

Now, there are stamps on the floor and the paper cutter is set up.  The paper is on the far side of the table, and there is a nice little space for assembling the cards.  I have made a small stack of cards daily.

I share the table with Katie, who is a teacher at a couple of community colleges and needs space for grading papers and getting lesson plans ready.  I stay on my side, for the most part.

Mr. Franklynn is keeping my seat warm.  He is our youngest cat, coming in at about 8 years old.

These are other things that I am using to make cards: a box of adhesives, the die-cutting machine, ink pads, markers and cheddar cheese popcorn.  Don't judge!  In the bottom right hand corner are some completed cards.  I will show them off later.

I am going to let the creativity flow, so instead of going clockwise...

counter clockwise it is!  While taking this photo, I was standing between the cabinet and the bookshelf in the photos from above.  This is the north wall.

Community Service Announcement: Here is little Miss Tulip, our neighbor's outdoor cat who we bring in when the temperatures are below 40 because she won't, resting near a heater.  Please bring your animals inside during extreme cold and heat.  They aren't bred to withstand the elements like wild raccoons, foxes, wolves or bob cats are.  And, while I'm at it, spay and neuter your pets.  They don't need to breed.  Don't shop; adopt.  There are many unwanted animals in our neighborhoods.  They need homes where they can be cared for.  We have 5 cats of our own, plus we take care of the neighbor's 3 outdoor cats.  We also support our local no-kill shelters and a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in our county.

Moving right along...

This conglomeration of shelving holds many different things.  While it is fairly organized, I need to remove some items that we are no longer using and move some to another area where it makes more sense.  This area is next.

The boxes on the floor on the right - the top one is empty, and the other is one that I had filled with items that will be leaving the house.  I had to move them away from the rest of the pile so Miss Tulip, Mr. Jingles (but, known to us as Mr. Bjorn Catspurrski, the "legendary" Swedish/Polish/American Shorthair) and Mr. Tangerine could have access to their amenities when they come in from the cold.  We'll give them another month or so until it begins to get a little warmer.  Until then, we work around them.

Well...that's it for the Challenge.  Everyone else is moving on, I think.  I will continue to work my way around the studio on my own, updating once a week.  Although I don't want to get too ahead of myself, there are many other areas of the house that could use a good cleaning out!  So, stay tuned!


Zefi said...

A good start. Just keep going, challenge or no challenge. We'll both be organised if we keep this up. And congratulations on finding your creative mojo!

Katie Kleber said...

We took a side-trip to the sewing room, too...No before photos, but much better organized in one bookshelf with many books leaving and the patterns culled and organized a bit better! More of that to come, too.

I am really happy for this "heaps of change challenge" - I am happy that it is making my sweetheart more happy and we are gearing up to lose some things that have been keeping us down.

Thank you to the people with this idea and to Fonda for making it happen for us :)

DD's Cottage said...

I need to organize my workshop-it looks like you have a good start going!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I was ready to pity you for having such a huge job to do, then I saw on the pictures that you had cats to help you. That's got to make the job easier!