Thursday, January 22, 2015

Heap of Change Challenge: Part 2

 You can refer to my previous post for Part 1.

I'm continuing to organize my space in the Heap of Change Challenge.

This past week, I have continued on the east wall of my studio.

The boxes that are circled contain what I refer to as My Jewels.  These include bits of broken jewelry along with vintage and current necklaces, bracelets, religious medals, brooches, earrings and other pieces.  That makes 6 boxes full of jewelry that I have to go through, and I'm not looking forward to it.  I will probably sell most of it.  I will have to determine prices, and that will take plenty of research.  For now, I will set it aside.

Moving back along that wall, I have removed many books and magazines.  The magazines in the crate are Somerset Studio, Stampington, Where Women Create and some others.  Those will probably leave the house.  The books in the top of the brown bookcase are art/craft books, and the bottom shelf contains old books that I can alter and tear apart.  I am not finished with this bookcase, so more things might go.

Directly across from this area is a cabinet that I showed last week.  Here are pictures of the inside:

The top photo shows the left side before I sorted, and the bottom is after.

Top shelf: The pink satin vintage glove box holds small jewelry boxes.  The metal boxes hold other small boxes.  Then, there are some items to use in my art.  The red item is a clock from a home where I lived as a child.  Definitely vintage!

Bottom shelf: Wood items to use in my art.

The top photo shows how the top right shelves used to look.

Top shelf (second photo): Wooden shadow boxes, small frames, tiny broken frame pieces, new wood Jenga-like game and a vintage metal tissue box.

Bottom shelf (third photo): All of the boxes contain glass bottles, jars, and glass stoppers of various sizes.  Then, there are empty tins on the right.

I removed a lot of paper from the drawers, like sketch tablets, watercolor pads, a finger painting tablet and lay-out grid paper.

This is what is now in the top and bottom left drawers - a box of mat board, a disposable palette paper pad and an unopened package of carbon paper.  The carbon paper is ancient!

This is what is now in the bottom right - pheasant feathers, old skeleton keys and laminate samples.  The top right drawer is empty.

There is still work to be done in this area, but look at what more is leaving the house:

The top left is a big box of wood pieces, like small plaques, small birdhouse kits, little chalkboards, craft boxes, triptychs, shadow boxes, Scrabble tile holders and lots of other doo-dads.  Below that are wood tool handles and a vintage bingo number-drawing machine.  The top right box includes pads of papers and card-making kits, an unused rope of pastel lights, packages of vinyl scrapbook album page protectors and a draftsman kit that includes various triangles, lettering stencils, a brush and erasers.  The bottom right box contains the contents of a previous box of wooden turnings, craft sticks, chopsticks, etc., because I found more!


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Way to tackle it and get after it--feels good, right? Thanks for linking up!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Lookit you go, Fonda! It's looking so great! Doesn't it feel so good to get this part of your house back again?!

Will we be seeing you next week with a new one? Go go go! haha

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

You are making tons of progress! Doesn't it feel great to actually be able to find things? I know it does for me. Everything is looking great Rush!

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

You made wonderful progress, it's freeing isn't it, I know it is for me. Every thing looks so organized Rush.

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

I'm having problems leaving a comment on your post, trying again so hopefully it's not a duplicate. If so you'll have tons of comments from me hahaha.
Just wanted to say that every thing is looking wonderful and organized. A place for every thing and every thing in it's place. Well done!

Diane Kinney said...

That is wonderful progress. I'm happy to see how well it is working out for you.

Joan Stricker said...

Since you visited me over at Scavenger Chic, I came by to get inspired. You wouldn't know it from my space, but I love when things are organized, it looks like you're almost there. Good job

Katie Kleber said...

I love what is happening back there! We just need to keep it up and then...I guess I will head to the sewing room and start my own part of the "Heap of Change" bits - Looking good!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm very impressed... I'm very bad at cleaning my "work area"!