Sunday, January 23, 2011

sharing my mail...the good stuffs

look at this bunch of goodies i got from the paper flea market ( this past friday.  this store has plenty of one-of-a-kind items for art or whatever.  check it out.

from the left, there are about 10 books of instructions for adding machines.  in the middle, there are sheets of paper for bridge card games, a dime-saver book, a keyboard paper for a typewriter and an a & p sewing needle pack.  on the right top are two sheets of trading stamps.  below that is about 30 library catalogue cards, key punch cards and a bit of a dress pattern instructions that was used to wrap the library catalogue cards.  it was tied in a bow.  everything is in great shape.  i got all of this for less than $20.00 including shipping.  this was such a fun bunch of stuff that i just had to document the event!  think of the library cards and the invitations i make for my mom's book club.  every year, i need a new idea, and these will certainly come in handy.  (see

i might as well tell you what else is in the picture.  it's my studio.  on the left is double metal file box for 3" x 5" cards, and next to that in another double file box for half-sheet card stock.  i got these at the thrift store ages ago.  the stuff on top of the small one is part of my collection of vintage and antique sewing notions, and behind that is a huge box full of paper scraps.  i have to make some decisions about that.  maybe i will force myself to do some thing with it when i don't have any ideas going through my head. 

on the right-hand side is my industrial shelf unit that is 8' tall by 4' wide by 1' deep.  i have three, and i have never regreted grabbing those at a thrift store.  what you see there are jars and jars full of fun supplies for use in my art - wood, plastic, glass, metal and more.  the second shelf down in the foreground is more vintage and antique sewing notions.  i have no idea what is in that vintage canister right off hand.  maybe i will take photos of my whole space when i get it clean and add more artbin cubes with drawers.  more and different useful storage.  i am not holding my breath, but it does sound fun to share my space with whomever wants to see it.  i love seeing other people's spaces...not the kind with matching everything and everything put away, but a wonderful conglomeration of storage solutions.  my favorite magazine right now if "how women create" by stampington(?).  lovely publication...and expensive.  i know that the storage cubes and bins will be effective, but by no means it is the kind of storage i really want.  the house is just too small to spread out, so stacking with these is the only way to go for now.  when we get a bigger place, the cubes will probably be delegated to the sewing and fabric space.  who knows what will happen.  we have so much stuff.  my partner, katie, and i enjoy some of the same things, but then we have our separate interests.  so much stuffs!

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