Wednesday, January 26, 2011

moxie fab world challenge

i am really behind as far as this chain of challenges goes.  there are 6.  this is the first.  they are all due by 1/31/11.  i don't think i will get them all done, but i need the practice.  this idea came to me quickly, so i went with it. 

anyone can join in the fun.  just visit moxie fab world.  for this one, go here:  for the other, look on the right side bar, and click on the color combination to go to that post for directions and some samples.
 these are pretty self-explanatory...the top left is the front of the card.  i added a band, because it wouldn't shut all of the way.  next to it is the full inside.  on the right side are some pockets, and the next picture shows what the inserts say.  when the inserts are out, the next card shows the happy birthday.  finally, this is a full view of the front and back without the band.

i used su! blue bayou (it looks more dull and gray here, even though i had roughed it up to show it is worn) and su! dsp's parisian breeze and paper notebook.  among others, i used su! office accoutrements stamp set.  for inks, i used su! blue bayou and vivid taupe.  how do you like that round coffee stain on the front???!!!   these colors are as similar as i could get to the required colors of that day.  alas, they will just have to be close and not right-on.

so, hopfully, i will be able to go on to the next day's challenge, and the idea will come just as easy as this one.

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Cath said...

Hey Lynn! Thanks for entering the Neutrals Challenge in the Color Inspiration for Card Makers Week suite of six challenges in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)