Tuesday, February 17, 2009

swap results

the swaps i received in exchange for the one's in the previous post were less than desirable. they have been tossed into the growing pile of rejected atc's. the dilemma is what to do with them.

there has been a discussion on one of my yahoo groups as to what to do with the unappreciated atc's. these are some of the options: send them back to the creator, throw them away (after gleaning the usable elements) and even one person offered to accept all of the unwanted atc's. on top of that, the discussion included another solution....send all of the atc's to one person who would put them together in a box and pass them around to the members so that they may choose the ones the ones they like and pass the rest onto the next person. sounds a little silly to me. why would anyone want a previously rejected atc?

if my atc's are not appreciated, i would like it returned to me...no hard feelings. but, others may feel personally rejected. i haven't thrown any away yet. i am considering sending them to the person who would gladly take them off of my hands.

i have decided that i will only trade on a one-to-one basis using the swap descriptions as a prompt. i have been tempted to join a swap because the subject matter intrigues me. i will resist.


Barb S. (FL) said...

I've often wonder what to do with undesirable or not my style swap cards/atcs. I don't believe I could send them back to the maker as I wouldn't want to hurt any ones feelings. Right now, they all go into a box and I savage what I can on another project. Good luck with your decicion.
Barb S

Nancy Y said...

ah yes, this is such a dilemma. I don't think I could send them back, afraid of hurt feeling! But I have thrown them away in the past after removing any pieces that may be of use. I am quite particular on swaps now - not to say that I'm the best at artwork, but one doesn't always know what you'll get in return.