Monday, February 2, 2009

new atc's

these are atc's i made for a swap called "Retro sewing pattern and dress form ".

i kept the one on the bottom right, and katie kept the one on the bottom left.

i used a variety of gleaned pictures of women who appeared on the front of sewing patterns and added bits of sewing ephemera...buttons, trims, lace, pins, toile, fabric, snaps, hooks and eyes, thread label, etc. and, of course, i sewed on the cards - mostly straight-stitch. the bottom left has a fancy stitch.

it's funny...with a swap, i never know if i have gone in the right direction, but i guess that is what swaps are all about .... personal interpretation!

i need to make more of these!


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

nicely done!

Mary's Madness said...

Those are fantastic! I'm sure they won't end up in the discards pile!

StamperJoyce said...

How cool are these? It never ceases to amaze me the things you come up with! Nicely done!

Barb S. (FL) said...

I absolutely love these atcs.. They are so retro and in my time frame LOL. They remind me of my sewing class in high school.GREAT JOB!!!!
Barb S

Kathy said...

As the hostess of this retro swap, I personally would love to know how you liked the ones you received?
If you want, email me personally.
I really liked yours, and would love to do a one on one swap anytime.

Robin said...

Your ATC's are simply fabulous! Such creativity and attention to detail in your work! Love them!!

Take Care - Robin