Monday, December 15, 2008

"wish on a star": altered tin

i made this small altered altoid tin some time ago.


+ sanded to expose the aluminum and left scratchy
+ drilled a small hole in the top for the jack and adhered with e-6000
+ placed label holder by drilling holes and fastening with brads


+ covered inside with dark blue mulberry paper
+ stamped
"believe" on inside of lid and glued a cork
+ coated inside of bottle with dimensional magic, filled with holeless beads and poured out excess
+ adhered bottle to corner of tin and covered with mulberry paper
+ covered lower half of tin with dimensional magic and pressed in star confetti
+ added more dimensional magic to highlight various areas and poured beads over it
+ made a trail of dimensional magic from lip of bottle to half-way point and coated with beads
+ after each application, spilled out beads and confetti that were not held by the glue
+ built up areas with more layers of glue and beads


505whimsygirl said...

Very cool tin! I have several wishes I could make.......


artbyvic said...

Great tin! Gives me an idea to make an ornament tin,