Thursday, December 18, 2008

WHAT??!!!! you didn't think i'd notice???!!

now, here's another one....

we always buy halloween candy after halloween. i kind of held off on eating it for a little while. it was in the freezer. out of sight; out of mind.

anyway, the fun-size milky ways called to me one day, so i got a handfull out of the freezer. i opened up one - and it only took one - and found that it was just as long but much thinner. i estimate that the candy bar is about a 1/2" shorter around than before. WHAT??!!! you didn't think i'd notice???!!!

again, i can't compare it to the old size. i simply don't have any older stuff around any more. you can help me with my dilemma by sending me some of the older milky way fun-size candy bars for comparison. once received, they become my property, and by sending these candy bars you agree with the terms set forth above.

now, try and find an old fun-size candy bar. i know you want to.

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