Sunday, April 17, 2011

more purses

these purses range between about 6" to 9" across.  the green one is the smallest.  i have turned the flap up on some of them to show that there is a little storage space on the sides, and there is one on each side.  there is a drawstring closure as well as a handle.  these were a little complicated to sew, but they are well worth my effort.

the next bag is called an origami bag.  it is about 9" or 10" wide.  again, it is a little complicated, but the results were great.  i am currently working on 4 more and will upload when i finish them.


kate The kid said...

lookn' good babe!

Juliet A said...

These are very stylish - not the sort that makes people say "oh, I could make that". I would buy one!

Cath said...

Hi Lynn! You are quite the seamstress! I'm so glad I got to learn that about you! Have a wonderful day! :)